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Honest service and quality work

Not only do we strive to provide quality auto service, but also honest service. Nothing will be tampered with that does not need to be.  After all, it is your car, not ours.  You deserve to know exactly what is wrong with it and receive comprehensive care to repair it.





Is your check engine light on?


Leave it to our computer to tell you exactly what is wrong.  


Shipley Automotive will run a computerized diagnosis that will tell you just what needs to be fixed on your vehicle.


From a loose gas tank cap to a complete engine failure, your check engine light can come on for almost any reason. Using our advanced equipment we will diagnose your issue and determine the options you have to repair it.



Computer diagnostics to get to the bottom of any issue you're experiencing:


  • Check service engine light

  • ABS lights

  • Check engine light

  • All warning lights



Are you experiencing an electrical issue?


From battery issues to alternator systems, 

your car cannot run safely if it is not powered correctly. Let our experts make sure it is.


Fix your car's air conditioning and stay cool this summer.


Coolant leaks to poor wiring...we will get to the bottom of your air conditioning problems and make sure you get to enjoy the luxury that your car comes with!



Electrical and mechanical repairs that can get you running like new again:


  • Battery and alternator replacements

  • Engine repairs

  • Electrical system repairs

  • Engine tune-ups

  • Transmission rebuilds and replacements

  • Automotive air conditioning service

       SUSPENSION & 


Does the ride in your car feel a

little bumpier than usual?


If so, you may have a problem with your suspension, shocks, struts, or even axles.

For issues like these, bring your vehicle into Shipley Automotive for the services you need for a smooth ride.


Is your vehicle driving

in a straight line?


Is your car pulling to one side when you take a hand off the wheel? This can be a very dangerous problem to have so contact our experts immediately. From alignments to tire balancing, we will make sure your car is steering perfectly straight.



The services your car needs to run nice and steady:


  • Suspension system work

  • Alignments

  • Computerized spin balancing

  • Axle repairs

  • Shock and strut replacements

  • Tire service and repair

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